Thursday, May 27, 2010

favourite glee songs!

since my other blog entry from today was kind of short, i thought i'd make another one. so instead of getting one long one, you guys get two short ones! :)

i thought i'd list some of my favourite glee songs. glee its one of the greatest shows out there, but you already know that ! :)

1) Don't Stop Believing (obviously)
2) Can't Fight This Feeling (the song that made me love Cory Monteith ♥)
3) It's My Life / Confessions (the boys were amazing singing that)
4) Sweet Caroline (one of my alltime favourite song, sung by the lovely Mark Salling)
5) Don't Stand So Close to Me / Young Girl (love Mr.Shue)
6) I'll Stand by You (another one of my favourite songs + Cory's singing :D )
7) Hello Goodby (i'm a huge fan of the beatles, so no surprise here)
8) Burning Up (gotta love Madonna)
9) Fire (i love this version of the song, plus Kristin Chenoweth is an amazing performer)
10) Total Eclipse of the Heart (wonderful song, wonderful lyrics, wonderful vocals)
11) One (U2 is amazing, and Glee's version of this song was amazing as well)
12) Jessie's Girl (Cory ♥ that is all)
13) Dream On (Neil Patrick Harris + Mr.Shue = legendary awesomeness)
14) Beth (my latest favourite, Mark Salling's voice is love)
15) Give Up the Funk (yes, this hasn't aired yet, but their version of this is super addictive)

cory ♥

well, that's it for today. this entry was totally unplanned, but they're more fun like that :)

“By very definition, Glee is about opening yourself up to joy."