Sunday, August 8, 2010

a little update.

hello everyone!
i've been away for a while, but i've just been enjoying all things summer has to offer: free time and sun! :)

for those of you wondering what i've been up to here's a little insight into my life:

i've spent a majority of my time camping at killbear provincial park and awenda provincial park, both located on the beautiful georgian bay.

here are some images from killbear, taken by yours truly (make sure to click on the images to see them full size, they're absolutely gergeous)

unfortunately i didn't have my camera the two times i went to awenda :( although it also is a beautiful place, in my opion killbear is a 100 times better, in terms of nature and camping. in fact, tomorrow i am going to killbear for 8 days with my parents, brother and possibly some family friends. :)

i've also been to the movies twice and saw toy story 3 and inception - both wonderful films. toy story was something i loved as a kid and it was wonderful watching a sequel to the first two wonderful films. inception, don't even get me started, all i can say is WOW! inception was amazing in each and every way possible, and i am DYING to see it again - and i will before the summer is over.

something else that i've been doing in the last few weeks is jogging. after seeing a very interesting article in a magazine about it, i've realized that it is something i can do in the summer and possibly once school starts in september. since i run by intervals i don't get as tired since i take breaks and just walk. i try to go every day - or every other day - first thing in the morning (literally; i don't have breakfast, or do my bed. i just brush my teeth, get dressed and run for about 30 minutes each morning).

i am also in the midst of watching all 6 seasons of the office, and i've got to say, it is quickly making its way up to being one of my favourite shows. i am currently on season 6 and i am proud to say that no other show has made me laugh so much, ever. i have so many favourite characters (pretty much the entire cast) and so many favourite episodes, it's crazy!! :P

and this concludes my long delayed blog post. of course those weren't the only things i did this summer so far, but if i were to list everything whow knows how long this blog post would be.

and here is today's quote :)
Dreams feel real while we're in them. It's only when we wake up that we realize something was actually strange. - Inception

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

hello world

hello everyone.
i haven't updated in a while, but i've been so busy with school & exams - thankfully my last one is tomorrow afternoon... and then summer!

before i used to be very cold-hearted towards the summer, mainly because i hate the hot weather & get really bored without having anything to do. but after my 1st year as a senior student in highschool, i'm pretty excited to have two months to myself ! :)

oh, something lovely that happened since my last blog entry is my birthday, which was on june 6th. june is one of my favourite months, probably because of my birthday, but usually because of the weather too. june is always such a beautiful & warm month - i love it!

well enough about the past & more about the future. tomorrow after my exam i am going downtown, just because ! :) hopefully i will get to do some shopping at the eaton centre & grab some star bucks at the corner of john & queen st !

some more things i am looking forward to this summer:

♥ a dinner with friends on the exam review day next wednesday.
♥ first camping trip of the year next thursday.
♥ a local pool opening also next thursday, i love going there!
♥ seeing toy story 3 with my mom and brother on july 6th!
♥ summer vacay!!!!

that is it for today, thank you for reading.

almost forgot, as usual... today's quote!! :)
A life without love is like a year without summer. a Swedish proveb

haha, cheesy but still cute. ♥

Monday, May 31, 2010

last entry in may.

hello everyone.
yes, i haven't update in a few days, but weekends are always super-busy for me. i also didn't think i'd have time to update today, but then i realized that it was may 31st, and this would be my last entry in one of my favourite months of the year. may is just such a beautiful month; the weather isn't as hot as it is in the summer, its gorgeous out, there are no exams to worry about (in high school anyway)! june is another one of my favourites (i'm a june baby! :P), but school gets really stressful in june, and for me stress at school=stress everywhere else :( ! i don't know if i will have a chance to update tomorrow since my girl friends and i are having a movie night, so i thought i'd make today's entry a little bit longer!

today i thought i'd talk about youtube. for me youtube is the place i go to when i am really bored & am too tired or lazy to get up and do stuff outside my house.

the first place i check for new videos is my subscription box.

right now, i am subscribed to about 20 youtube channels however i do not watch all of the videos that the user posts, just the ones i am interested in. normally there are more than just two videos posted in my subscription, but as you may have guessed, i already watched some vids today! :)

later if i am still bored after watching my subscriptions i check out the 'videos being watched now' and watch some videos there too.

after that, if i really have nothing to do i check out some of my favourite youtubers' channels and watch their old videos! :) here are the screen shots of some of my favourite youtubers.

Michael Buckey's WHAT THE BUCK SHOW

JUICYSTAR07's beauty channel ! :)

the hilarious kassem g

ijustine !

well, that's it. of course there are many other youtubers i watch like shaycarl, tyleroakley & communitychannel, but the ones posted above are the ones i thought i'd post pictures of :)

today's quote,
there isn't one. lol, i'm too lazy to look for one + i still have to study for a test i have tomorrow.
i hope everyone has enjoyed today's post & have a wonderful evening.

Friday, May 28, 2010

last minute blog entry.

haha, totally forgot about the blog today. i'm having way too much fun! me and my brother had a gaga/glee dance party. yes, we're weird like that. deal with it.

btw, whoever you maybe, try listening to "every rose has its thorn"... its the most addictive song ever!

no quote for today. can't think of one. i'll post two tomorrow instead... maybe.

good night! ♥

Thursday, May 27, 2010

favourite glee songs!

since my other blog entry from today was kind of short, i thought i'd make another one. so instead of getting one long one, you guys get two short ones! :)

i thought i'd list some of my favourite glee songs. glee its one of the greatest shows out there, but you already know that ! :)

1) Don't Stop Believing (obviously)
2) Can't Fight This Feeling (the song that made me love Cory Monteith ♥)
3) It's My Life / Confessions (the boys were amazing singing that)
4) Sweet Caroline (one of my alltime favourite song, sung by the lovely Mark Salling)
5) Don't Stand So Close to Me / Young Girl (love Mr.Shue)
6) I'll Stand by You (another one of my favourite songs + Cory's singing :D )
7) Hello Goodby (i'm a huge fan of the beatles, so no surprise here)
8) Burning Up (gotta love Madonna)
9) Fire (i love this version of the song, plus Kristin Chenoweth is an amazing performer)
10) Total Eclipse of the Heart (wonderful song, wonderful lyrics, wonderful vocals)
11) One (U2 is amazing, and Glee's version of this song was amazing as well)
12) Jessie's Girl (Cory ♥ that is all)
13) Dream On (Neil Patrick Harris + Mr.Shue = legendary awesomeness)
14) Beth (my latest favourite, Mark Salling's voice is love)
15) Give Up the Funk (yes, this hasn't aired yet, but their version of this is super addictive)

cory ♥

well, that's it for today. this entry was totally unplanned, but they're more fun like that :)

“By very definition, Glee is about opening yourself up to joy."

quick post.

good evening everyone! (writing this late's becoming a bad habit)
i know i promised to post pictures of some of the stuff i won at my school's auction, but it turns out that i didn't get all the things i wanted :( and i can't find the batteries from my good camera. so no new pictures today. however, i am posting a picture of my friend that i think is really funny! :)

such a happy camper!

today's quote ♥
“A hug is like a public dry hump.” — Barney
“I think you’re hugging wrong.” — Marshall

not really a quote, but super funny. its from "how i met your mother" for those who are wondering!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

golfing & more.

hi friends!
sorry for a late update, very busy day. first, i went golfing with my school today. i thought it was a somewhat okay experience, it would have been much nicer if the weather wasn't so hot & humid! however, when i got back from the trip i spend my lunch hour with some of my friends who i don't get to see very often at school under a tree on a blanket! :) i also had a lot to do after school today: had to help out with my school's silent auction, went to the mall, homework & did the 8 minute exercise video's on youtube (YAH!) :P . i'm making today's entry fairly short, but i'm already planning tomorrow's ( i bid on a lot of cute stuff at the auction & will post pictures tomorrow ) ♥ !

tomorrow should be another hot day, but hopefully i won't have to spend most of it out in the sun like today. to make everyone's day a little brighter - here's a picture from last summer. my friend amanda took it & i'm in the background! :) i think its cute.

today's quote!
There is only one path to Heaven. On Earth, we call it Love. - unknown