Wednesday, June 23, 2010

hello world

hello everyone.
i haven't updated in a while, but i've been so busy with school & exams - thankfully my last one is tomorrow afternoon... and then summer!

before i used to be very cold-hearted towards the summer, mainly because i hate the hot weather & get really bored without having anything to do. but after my 1st year as a senior student in highschool, i'm pretty excited to have two months to myself ! :)

oh, something lovely that happened since my last blog entry is my birthday, which was on june 6th. june is one of my favourite months, probably because of my birthday, but usually because of the weather too. june is always such a beautiful & warm month - i love it!

well enough about the past & more about the future. tomorrow after my exam i am going downtown, just because ! :) hopefully i will get to do some shopping at the eaton centre & grab some star bucks at the corner of john & queen st !

some more things i am looking forward to this summer:

♥ a dinner with friends on the exam review day next wednesday.
♥ first camping trip of the year next thursday.
♥ a local pool opening also next thursday, i love going there!
♥ seeing toy story 3 with my mom and brother on july 6th!
♥ summer vacay!!!!

that is it for today, thank you for reading.

almost forgot, as usual... today's quote!! :)
A life without love is like a year without summer. a Swedish proveb

haha, cheesy but still cute. ♥